Cyber crime policy foundation is a foundation that is dedicated at doing research pertaining to legal issues impacting cyber crime across the world. Cyber crime as a phenomenon has gained tremendous currency over the last one decade and with each passing day week month and year, new and emerging kinds of cyber crimes are coming to the fore front. Infact cyber crimes have travelled a long distance from the time when the World Wide Web was invented till today. Cyber criminals have also constantly have kept updating the technological skills in a manner that best helps them used the internet and the network for the purposes of perpetuating the criminal activities.

Governments of the world have been trying the level best try to regulate cyber crime. Consequently different national governments have tried to cover various kinds of cyber crimes in some of their national legislations. However still a large number of countries yet do not have any law which impacts specifically on cyber crimes.

Keeping in mind the need for having and international network for cyber crime regulation, the council of Europe started working on international treaty. This treaty is known as the Convention on cyber crime of the Council of Europe. This is the only successful international treaty pertaining to cyber crime. More than 45 countries have already signed the said convention. Contrary to public belief, the said convention is not just limited to countries of the Council of Europe. Even countries outside Council of Europe have signed the said convention these countries include Canada, United States of America, South Africa and Japan.

The purpose of the foundation is to encourage more research on the legal and policy related issues pertaining to regulation of cyber crime at the global and national levels.